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Be the BOSS of Your Money

After years of hearing all every trial and tribulation you can think of from friends, customers, and even coworkers, I finally sat down and worked out a three-step course to share how I manage my money every single month.  It’s easy and it’s simple. No fancy words or confusing jargon.  I set it up once and I only touch it twice a year: New Year’s and Fourth of July! (There’s a reason, lol) 

Here are the three basic modules.  Watch the VIDEO ABOVE  for even more details.

#1 Get Clear on YOUR Why: Most people start budgeting by sorting how much they're going to pay for each bill each month.  Which is where they go WRONG!  Declaring your intentions and setting a new direction for how you are going to think about your money -  starting now -  helps your brain build pathways to new thoughts, attitudes and habits.  It seems a bit woo woo, but it works!

#2 Organize Your Money Like You’d Organize Your Week: The definition of “Budget” is NOT “Adult Time-out”! We are going to “Marie Kondo” your expenses and Plan Your Paycheck like you plan your week so you have more confidence and less overwhelm.

#3 Set Your Goals and Work Towards Your 50/30/20: This is where you become the CFO of your life and set goals to work towards for the next three, six and twelve months.  In a super simple, set-it-and-forget-it (sort of) automated way!

*The average student spends approximately 6-8 hours total, but you can go as fast or slow as you need to. It's all about you!



I grew up with bad money habits. I have handed over my credit card and held my breath hoping the charges went through.  I’ve had to scrounge for five dollars in change to buy gas to get to work. I know what it’s like to get to the end of the month and wonder where all my money went. I know that feeling of finding a dollar in the bottom of my purse!

I started to learn through trial and error, books, and classes. I was lucky enough to have friends and even employers teach me their good money habits.  Along the way, I developed a system.

It wasn’t until I learned to put simple strategies and tactics  in place that automated how I paid my bills and also how I saved money for a rainy day that I was able to get control of my spending...and my SAVING.  Knowing I had enough for those quarterly insurance payments and being able to take a guilt-free vacation were the goals that helped me finally feel that I was the BOSS of my money, instead of believing money was some magical thing I was never going to “get”.

Now, I sleep better at night.  Heck, I sleep at night! I don't watch my checking account obsessively the day before payday hoping I don't accidentally overdraw my account.  I pay for vacations and Christmas presents - in cash.  My money is a tool that supports my life, not the drama that controls my life. 

This can be YOU, too!

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Hello Love,

I have worked with hundreds of people who struggle with tracking, keeping and managing their money.  They've come from all walks of life and all professions.  From brand new college grads trying to pay their own rent and school loans, to couples who both make six figures and overdraw their bank account on a regular basis, all of them needed the same thing: a SYSTEM.

And that's all you need, too! Let's get started!

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