The 5 FREE Apps that Keep Me Productive Every Day!

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There’s a saying that the person buying a drill doesn’t want a drill - they want a hole.  I would say the same about productivity apps.  I don’t want an app, I want more time!

These five apps save me time.  Either because they give me a shortcut to getting my tasks done, help me get organized, or because they help me stay focused.  The end result is that I get more done in less time, and I’m happier while I do it!


Here's the video, if you'd rather watch it.  Otherwise, scroll down to keep reading.




The Be Focused App


The Be Focused focus timer is the number one app that keeps me, no pun intended, focused. 


Okay, maybe a little pun intended, lol.  🤣  🤣  🤣


The Be Focused timer works with the Pomodoro method of time management.  With the Pomodoro method, you work in increments of twenty-five minutes with a five-minute break between.  Each twenty-five minute period is called a “Pomodoro”.  After four Pomodoros you take a longer break of fifteen to thirty minutes.  

The Be Focused timer is set up for pomodoros and is my favorite productivity app.  I use this pomodoro timer app almost every day.  Especially, when I have a lot to do and a short amount of time to get things done.  (As a matter of fact, I used this timer app to finish this blog!)


Try it out for yourself!


The Starbucks App


You might not think “productivity app” when you think about the Starbucks app, but it absolutely is in my life.  


Whether I’m popping in to pick up a chai to get me through the afternoon, or grabbing a table and writing for an hour or so, I always order ahead.  

When I order ahead I am more productive because I don’t have to wait for my drink.  I walk in, grab it from the pick-up counter, find a quiet place to sit, and get to work.

I started using the app at the beginning of the pandemic and this is a pandemic habit I’m keeping!


Call Filter App


Typically, I don’t answer calls from numbers that aren’t already in my phone.  

Because spam.  


But, one day, I made the grand mistake of answering a spam call.  

😱  😱  😱


Answering that spam call tossed me into a robocall cycle from hell.  👿  👿  👿

My phone started ringing every five minutes (I timed it).


Enter the Call Filter app! 


I use the Verizon Call Filter app.  Each mobile phone company has a similar app. 

The key is that it blocks spam calls.  All spam calls!

This app has saved my phone from ringing off the hook on more than one occasion.  Especially when an election is coming up and every politician, lobbyist, and their brother is sending out robocalls.  

Not being interrupted constantly with spam calls definitely keeps me from getting distracted which increases my productivity!




Asana is a project management tool that I use for all my projects, whether personal or for my business.  I’ve been using Asana for years, but it’s super easy to figure out and there are a ton of tutorials on YouTube.

What I like about Asana is that I can use it for my daily tasks.  But, I can also use it for my complicated projects like remodeling my kitchen, setting up a content calendar and even building my course! (Didn’t know I had a course?  Click HERE to check out The Paycheck Clinic!

What’s more, Asana works across all my devices.  So, if I’m out running errands, I can quickly check them off the list.  If I’m on my iPad reading an article and have an idea for a blog post, I can pop open the app and add it to my Blog Ideas project.  

When I’m in project management mode, I can open Asana on my laptop and dig into my open projects.  

Asana has been a game-changer!


The Waze Traffic App


A few summers ago I was driving home from the beach.  As we were driving around the outside of Atlanta, Waze suddenly started telling me to get off the major highway and take a tiny backwoods side road.  

There are seven hours of my life I will never get back because I didn’t trust Waze.  

Waze is a maps app like Apple or Google maps and calculates the fastest route from where you are to where you need to go.  

This means I spend less time driving!

Well, unless you’re like me and ignore what it tells you to do and end up sitting on a highway outside of Atlanta for seven hours.  🙄  🙄  🙄


Trust in the Waze.


The particular Waze feature I love is the crowdsourcing of traffic data.  

For example, if there is a wreck, you or someone using the app can leave a note in the app to tell the people behind you which side of the highway the wreck is on.  You can then try to move into the best lane to get around the accident.


NOTE: it’s best if the passenger is reading the notes in the app, not the driver.  Be safe out there, my lovelies!  🚗  🚗  🚗



These are five apps that wouldn’t necessarily be seen as “productivity” apps, with the exception of Asana.  But, they all either save me time or help me to stay focused and make the most of my time.  

My time is my most precious asset, so anything that helps me make the most of it is a good thing!

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